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(Bob Barker)

2000-Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Punch-a-Bunch ($10K Win!!), Check Game, Hole-in-One, Switch?; 2 $11K Wins in 1st SCSD and Bob thinks it's the 1st time it happened!! (OB)
2000-Lucky Seven, Most Expensive, It's In the Bag, Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Ten Chances; $11K Win in 2nd SCSD!! (OB)
2000-Lucky Seven, Punch-a-Bunch, Clearance Sale, Now or Then, Line 'em Up, Double Prices; $75 DSW!! (OB)
2000-Plinko, Ten Chances, Double Prices, Pick-s-Pair, Make Your Move, Dice Game; Dazetta is floored after winning the showcase!! (OB)
2000-Check Game (Janice swears at the check!!), Hole-in-One, Switch?, Freeze Frame, Any Number, Secret X (OB)
2000-5 Price Tags, Flip Flop, One Wrong Price, Race Game, Let 'em Roll, Squeeze Play; PERFECT SHOW!!! (OB)
2000-One Wrong Price, Dice Game, Grocery Game, Squeeze Play, Plinko, Cover Up (OB)
2000-Push Over, Card Game, Plinko, Most Expensive, Dice Game (Carrie thinks she won the car after hearing the buzzer!!), Hit Me (OB)
2000-Triple Play (Premiere). Plinko, Most Expensive, Double Prices, Dice Game, Hi Lo; 29th Season Premiere (OB)
2000-Barker's Bargain Bar, Line 'em Up, Punch-a-Bunch, Switch?, Card Game, Hi Lo; Janice and Kathleen's last show (OB)
2001-3 Strikes, Magic Number, Grand Game, Most Expensive, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar; An early appearance by Brandi!! (OB)
2001-Triple Play (Win!!), Plinko ($23K Win!!), Double Prices, Grand Game, Squeeze Play, Switch? (For 2 Cars!!); 30th Season Premiere (OB)
2001-Push Over, Cover Up, It's In the Bag, Switch?, Secret X, Any Number; Christmas week show (OB)
2001-Easy as 123, Pass the Buck, Safe Crackers, Double Prices, One Away, Joker; Christmas week show (OB)
2001-Cover Up, Plinko, Easy as 123, Range Game (for a Truck!!), Let 'em Roll, Double prices; Christmas Eve show (OB)
2002-Triple Play (Win!!), It's in the Bag, Squeeze Play, Plinko, One Away, Double Prices; 30th Anniversary Special (OB)
2002-Make Your Move, Hole-in-One, Freeze Frame, Switch?, That's Too Much, Secret X; DSW!!(OB)
2002-(Primetime Special honoring the U.S. Navy) Plinko, 3 Strikes, Push Over, Grand Game, Cover Up, Switch? (OB)
2002-(Primetime Special honoring the U.S. Marines) Golden Road, Grand Game, Bonkers, Cliff Hangers, Any Number, Squeeze Play (OB)
2002-(Primetime Special honoring the U.S. Army) Plinko, Temptation, Make Your Move, It's in the Bag, Lucky Seven, Double Prices (OB)
2002-(Primetime Special honoring the Fire and Police) Triple Play, Punch-a-Bunch, Race Game, Grocery Game, That's Too Much, Barker's Bargain Bar (OB)
2002-(Primetime Special honoring the U.S. Air Force) Lucky Seven, It's In the Bag, One Wrong Price, One Away, Punch-a-Bunch, Range Game (OB)
2002-(Primetime Special honoring the U.S. Coast Guard) Triple Play, Plinko, Clock Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Grocery Game (OB)
2002-Triple Play, Plinko, Push Over, Most Expensive, Pass the Buck, Double Prices; 31st Season Premiere (OB)
2002-Push Over, One Away, Grand Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Shell Game, Money Game; Paul Boland announces (OB)
2002-Clearance Sale, Hole-in-One, Flip Flop, One Wrong Price, Punch-a-Bunch, Money Game; Paul's last show (OB)
2002-Easy as 123, It's in the Bag, Money Game, Squeeze Play, Switcheroo, Magic Number; Xmas week show (OB)
2002-Any Number, Plinko, Most Expensive, Cover Up, Check-Out, Side by Side; Xmas week show; DSW!! (OB)
2002-Golden Road, Grand Game, Make Your Move, Barker's Bargain Bar, That's Too Much, Cliff Hangers; Xmas week show (OB)
2002-Clearance Sale, 3 Strikes (Win!!), Plinko, Double Prices, Pass the Buck, Push Over; Xmas eve show (OB)
2003-Barker's Bargain Bar, Check Game, On the Spot, 1 Right Price, It's in the Bag, Dice Game; $5 DSW!! (OB)
2003-(MDS #1) Golden Road, One Away, Punch-a-Bunch ($25K Win!!), Squeeze Play, That's Too Much, Grocery Game (OB)
2003-(MDS #2) 3 Strikes (Corvette Won!!), Plinko, Race Game, Push Over, Grand Game ($20K Win!!), Double Prices (OB)
2003-(MDS #3) Triple Play, It's in the Bag, Clock Game, Lucky Seven, Range Game, Cliff Hangers (OB)
2003-(MDS #4) 5 Price Tags (Corvette Won!!), Grand Game ($20K Win!!), Push Over, Dice Game, 1 Right Price (for 2 Cars!!), Easy as 123 (OB)
2003-(MDS #5) Let 'em Roll, Any Number, Make Your Move, Plinko, Lucky Seven, Double Prices (T-storm warnings on bottom of screen) (OB)
2003-(MDS #6) Spelling Bee (Cadillac Won!!), It's in the Bag, Freeze Frame, Cover Up, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game (Another T-Storm warnings on bottom of screen) (OB)
2003-Lucky Seven, Time is Money (Premiere), Push Over (for a Truck!!), Plinko, Dice Game, Squeeze Play; 32nd Season Premiere; The last on-camera appearance of Rod Roddy!! (OB)
2003-Make Your Move, Hole-in-One, Range Game, Secret X, That's Too Much, Switch?; Rod's Tribute Show (OB)
2003-Flip Flop, Let 'em Roll, Race Game, Squeeze Play, Secret X, That's Too Much; Jacquie Amacher is a model for a day and she calls a contestant's name, too!! (OB)
2003-Lucky Seven, Grand Game, Freeze Frame, Barker's Bargain Bar, Switcheroo, Push Over (for a Car!!); Bob's 80th birthday daytime show (NOW WITH NO NEWS INTERUPTIONS!!!) (OB)
2003-(MDS #7: Bob's Birthday Party) One Wrong Price (For 3 Cars!!), Grand Game, Push Over, Lucky Seven, Squeeze play, Double Prices; Larry King and Chuck Norris appears in studio; Celine Dion sings "Happy Birthday" to Bob; CBS stars sends birthday greetings (OB)
2004-Lucky Seven, It's In the Bag, 2 For The Price of 1, Squeeze Play, Switcheroo, 1 Right Price; DSW!!; Art Sanders announces (OB)
2004-2 For The Price of 1, Ten Chances, Bonus Game, Range Game, Pass the Buck, 1 Right Price; Rich Fields is announced as new announcer!! (OB)
2004-Money Game, 1/2 Off, Coming or Going, Barker's Markers, That's Too Much, Hit Me; Effie wins $11K in 2nd SCSD and loses her shoes!! (OB)
2004-(MDS #9: Salute to College Students) Triple Play, Bonkers, Plinko, Flip Flop, Dice Game, Pick-a-Pair; Claudia's last show; Randy West announces (OB)
2004-(MDS #10: Salute to Teachers) Plinko, Ten Chances, 2 For The Price of 1, Most Expensive, Dice Game, Grocery Game (OB)
2004-(MDS #11: Get out and Vote) Lucky Seven, It's In the Bag, Pathfinder, Range Game, Temptation, Switch? (OB)
2004-(MDS #12: Bob's Induction into TV Hall of Fame) 3 Strikes, Grand Game, Coming or Going, Money Game, Safe Crackers, Double Prices (OB)
2004-3 Strikes (Win!!), Grand Game, Bonkers, Secret X (for a car!!!), Cover Up, Double Prices; Xmas eve show!!; DSW!!! (OB)
2006-Lucky Seven, 3 Strikes, Plinko, Push Over, Double Prices, Most Expensive (For 3 Cars!!!); 35th Season Premiere; Vickyann is the all-time daytime winner with $147,517 thanks to a magnificent DSW!!! (OB)
2007-Bob Barker's 50 Years on TV MDS; A really great special!!!! (OB)
2007-All 5 shows from Bob's last week (OB)

(Drew Carey)

2008-MDS!!!; Lucky Seven, Plinko, One Away, Clock Game, Push Over, Grand Game; Adam Rose wins $1 Million!!!
2008-MDS!!!;Any Number, Plinko, Race Game, Lucky Seven, It's in the Bag, Squeeze Play; Michael Haynes wins $1 Million!!!
2008-MDS!!!; Golden Road (Win!!!), Grand Game, Clock Game, Any Number, Plinko, Most Expensive; Cynthia Azonado(Sp?)' wins $1 Million!!!
2008-Make Your Move, Shopping Spree, Pathfinder, Flip Flop, Any Number, Pick-a-Number; My Aunt (Brenda Jones) is a contestant (SHE REALLY IS!!!)!!!!!; DSW!!!
2009-Lucky Seven, Punch-a-Bunch, Squeeze Play, 1 Right Price, Plinko, Let 'em Roll; Bob Barker returns to plug his book!!!

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