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Caesar's Challenge to Hollywood Showdown

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The Price is Right (1980's)
The Price is Right (1990's)
The Price is Right (2000's)
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Caesar's Challenge to Hollywood Showdown
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Caesar's Challenge
1993-Babette vs. Gordon vs. Ashley (OB)
The Challengers

 1990-Premiere (OB)
1991-April Fools day show (OB)
Chance of a Lifetime
1950's-One show (SM)
Deal or No Deal
2005-Premiere (OB)
Doctor I.Q.
1950's-One show (SM w/OC)
Double Dare (Alex Trebek)
1976-Premiere (Game)
1977-Finale (Game)
Double Talk
1986-Premiere (Game)
Fast Draw
1968-Anita Gilette and Robert Alda (SM)
Fun House
1988-1-Hour Sneak Preview show(OB w/OC)
1988-Chocolate Day show (OB)
1988-New England day show (OB w/OC)
1989-New York City day show (OB w/OC)

1975-Livingston vs. Ferraro (SM)
1983-Premiere (Game)
1984-Finale (Game)
The Gong Show
1978-Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, ALLEN LUDDEN (Game)
He Said, She Said
1970-Sally Field, Alejandro Rey, John Davidson, and Nanette Fabray (Game)
1970-DICK CLARK, Bob Zamboni, Hal Holbrook, and BERT CONVY (Game)
High Rollers
(Alex Trebek)
1979-Candice vs. Pearl (OB w/OC)
1979-Jane vs. Donna (OB w/OC)
1980-Final show w/ GREAT quality (OB w/OC)
(Wink Martindale)
1987-Claudia vs. Rick; $10K Win!! (OB)
1988-Cheryl vs. Richard; $10K Win!! (USA)
Hit Man
1983-Diana vs. Marlin vs. Carol; $10K Win!! (OB)
Hollywood Showdown
2000-$33,260 Win!! (Game)

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