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The $100,000 Name That Tune
(Tom Kennedy)
1977-Karen wins $100,000!!! (NOW WITH BETTER QUALITY AND COMMERCIALS, TOO!!!) (OB)
1979-Margaret vs. Susi; $100K Win!!! (OB)
(Jim Lange)
1984-Super Champs Finale (USA)
1984-Richard vs. Carol vs. Marty; $100K Win!!  (FAM)
1984-Elena vs. Eric; $100K Win!! (USA)
1985-Les vs. Stan; $100K Win!! (USA)
The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime
1986-Kim and George wins $1 Million!!! (OB w/OC)
1987-Connie and Steve wins $1 Million!!! (OB)
1987-Bob and Judith wins $1 Million!!! (OB w/OC)

The $1.98 Beauty Show 

1978-Episode from GSN's 50 Greatest (GSN)

All-Star Blitz
1985-Premiere (OB w/OC)
The (New) Battlestars

1982-Last show of first run (OB w/OC)
1983-Premiere (OB w/OC)
Beat the Clock
(Bud Collyer)
1950's-$53K Jackpot Stunt show (SM)
1950's-$64K Jackpot stunt won!!!! (GSN)
1950's-9 Other Episodes (All from Game)
(Gene Wood)
1969-Guest Star: William Shatner (GSN)
(Jack Narz)
1972-Guest Star: TOM KENNEDY (Game)
(Monty Hall)
1979-Steve/Melissa vs. Jim/Barbara (GSN)
1979-Jim/Barbara vs. Bill/Camille (GSN)
1979-Jim/Barbara vs. Brad/Suanne (GSN)
1979-Brad/Suanne vs. Grant/Miriam (GSN)
1979-Brad/Suanne vs. Peter/Karen (GSN)
1979-Brad/Suanne vs. David/Sally (GSN)
1979-Brad/Suanne vs. Tim/Lisa (GSN)
1979-Tim/Lisa vs. Gloria/Ron (GSN)
1979-Tim/Lisa vs. Pam/Bill (GSN)
1979-Tim/Lisa vs. Jerry/Marlene (GSN)
1979-Jerry/Marlene vs. Burt/Sheila (GSN)
1979-Jerry/Marlene vs. Chris/Gary (GSN)
The Big Showdown
1975-The Big "Falldown" show (SM)
The Big Spin (Chuck Woolery)
1985-4 People win $3,000,000!! (OB)
(Pat Finn)
2002-Seven people spinning the wheel (OB)
2004-Show w/ A $3,000,000 Win!!! (OB)
The Big Surprise
1950's-One show (SM)
Bingo at Home
1950's-One show (SM)
1988-Markie Post and Charlie Siebert (OB)
1988-Pat Harrington and Crystal Bernard; Final show (OB)
(Bill Cullen)

1980-Bob vs. Lisa and Wanda (Game)
1980-Forrest vs. Sharon and Kevin (Game)
1981-Harry vs. Ray and Chris (Game)
1982-JOHN HATTEN vs. Bill and Larry (GSN)
1982-John Hatten's $120,000 Victory episode (Game)
1982-Finale (Game)
(Bill Rafferty)
1987-Mike vs. Ann (GSN)
1987-Mike vs. Susan (GSN)
1987-Laurel vs. Chris (GSN)
1987-Laurel vs. Jackie (GSN)
1987-Laurel vs. Jim (GSN)
1987-Madelyn vs. Laura (GSN)
Body Language
1984-Premiere (Game)
1984-Richard Moll and Kim Fields (Game)
1985-Jim J. Bullock and Jonelle Allen (Game)
Break the Bank (Tom Kennedy)
1976-Premiere (Game)
1976-$5,500 Bank Broken show(Game)
Break the Bank (Gene Rayburn)
1985-$23K Bank Broken show(OB w/OC)
(Joe Farago)
1986-$53,323 Bank won!!! (Blurry picture until bonus game) (OB)
1980-Chuck vs. Jill; From 2007 Feast of Favorites (GSN)
1980-Helen vs. David; Car Win!! (Game)
1982-Last show with regular contestants (USA)
Bumper Stumpers
1987-Rob and Phylisse at Bonus game (Game)
1987-Rick and Gary at Bonus game (Game)

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