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(Bob Barker)
1980-Nightime Finale; Money Game, Cliff hangers, 1 Right Price (NOW IN BETTER VIDEO QUALITY!!!) (SM)
1980-Give or Keep, Race Game, Money Game, Double Prices, Any Number, Hi Lo (Game)
1980-Hi Lo, Lucky Seven, Poker Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Cliff Hangers; Vanna White....Come on Down!! (Game)
1980-Shell Game, Danger Price, Dice Game, Most Expensive, Grand Game, Range Game; It's Pauline!!! (Game)
1980-5 Price Tags, Barker's Bargain bar, Danger Price, Squeeze Play, Grocery Game, 3 Strikes; Christmas show w/ Barbara Hunter filling in for Holly!! + (Game)
1980-Golden Road, Hit Me (Premiere), Race Game, 1 Right Price, Ten Chances, Secret X (Rough Video) (Game)
1980-Range Game, Poker Game, Punch-a-Bunch, 1 Right Price, Ten Chances, Grocery Game (OB w/OC)
1981-Temptation, Danger price, Cliff Hangers, Double Prices, Hit Me, Any Number; April Fool's show!!; Bob enters through the audience for the 1st time!! NOW WITH BETTER QUALITY!!!! (Game)
1981-Danger Price, Hole-in-One, Barker's Bargain Bar, Clock Game, Card Game, Give or Keep (OB w/OC)
1981-Danger Price, Hole-in-One, Clock Game, Squeeze Play, Superball (Premiere), Money Game (Game)
1981-Barker's Bargain Bar, Race Game, Hole-in-One, Safe Crackers, 3 Strikes, Cliff Hangers; $4 DSW!!! (Game)
1981-Any Number, Hit Me, Most Expensive, Race Game, Dice Game, Shell Game; 10th Season Premiere week show!! (Game)
1981-Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Punch-a-Bunch, Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Bullseye; Holly has a little poblem with her dress!! (OB w/OC)
1981-Shell Game, Ten Chances, Squeeze Play, Danger Price, Money Game, Bullseye (OB w/OC)
1982-Card Game, Trader Bob, Range Game, Race Game, Ten Chances, Penny Ante; $9 DSW!!! (Game)
1982-(Win TV) Superball (Win!!), Poker Game, Range Game (for a Car!!), Most Expensive, Money Game, Hi Lo (Game)
1982-Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain Bar, Check-Out (Premiere), Race Game, Give or Keep, Any Number (Game)
1982-Shell Game, Double Prices (for a Car!!), Take Two, Clock Game, It's Optional, Penny Ante (Game)
1982-Clock Game, Temptation, Trader Bob, Squeeze Play, Penny Ante, It's Optional (Game)
1982-Blank Check, Double Prices (for a car!!), Trader Bob, Clock Game, Ten Chances, Penny Ante (Game)
1982-Double Prices, Check-Out, Dice Game, Safe Crackers, Five Price Tags, Blank Check (Game)
1982-Give or Keep, It's Optional, Safe Crackers, Double Prices, Grocery Game, Any Number; Feat. a contestant winning 3 Cars!!! (Game)
1982-Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Hit Me, Squeeze Play, Switcheroo, Double Prices; Feat. an interesting showcase skit, "The Godmother Part III" (Game)
1982-Shell Game, 1 Right Price, Temptation, Poker Game, Bullseye, Dice Game; Holly's 1st Appliance battle!!! (Game)
1982-Range Game, Safe Crackers, Hole-in-One, Squeeze Play, 5 Price Tags, Race Game; Holly's 2nd Appliance battle!! (Game)
1982-Safe Crackers, Hole-in-One, 1 Right Price, Poker Game, Cliff Hangers, Money Game; Bill Cullen promotes "Child's Play"!! (Game)
1982-Lucky Seven, Now or Then, Most Expensive, Poker Game, Safe Crackers, Switcheroo; Bob's 59th Birthday!! (Game)
1982-Most Expensive, Temptation, Now or Then, 1 Right Price, Trader Bob, Any Number; Xmas week show (Game)
1982-Lucky Seven, Safe Crackers, Punch-a-Bunch, Take Two, 3 Strikes, Bullseye; Xmas eve show (Game)
1983-Range Game, Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar, Race Game, Grocery Game, Dice Game (Game)
1983-5 Price Tags, Blank Check, Danger Price, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Any Number; April Fools' show!!!! (Game)
1983-Lucky Seven, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Danger Price, Bonus Game, Safe Crackers; Meg Ryan appears!! (Game)
1983-Safe Crackers, Switcheroo, Danger Price, Squeeze Play, Walk of Fame (A car is offered!!), Hi Lo; Johnny as Obi-Wan Kniblick in a showcase!! (Game)
1983-Any Number, Plinko (Premiere), Most Expensive, Poker Game, 3 Strikes, Pick-a-Pair (Game)
1983-Check Game, 1 Right Price, Hole-in-One, Danger Price, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes; Johnny Olson's family tree showcase show (OB w/OC)
1983-Temptation, Shell Game, Double Prices, Race Game, Money Game, Grand Game (Game)
1983-Range Game(for a Car!!), Danger Price, The Phone Home Game (Premiere), Barker's Bargain Bar, Bonus Game, Card Game; 12th Season Premiere (NOW WITH BETTER VIDEO QUALITY!!!!) (Game)
1983-Safe Crackers, The Phone Home Game, Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Cliff Hangers, Money Game (Game)
1983-Golden Road (Win!!), Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair, Clock Game, Plinko, Poker Game; Feat. A $32K Winner!!! (Game)
1983-Squeeze Play, Barker's Bargain Bar, The Phone Home Game, Take Two, Any Number, Secret X (Game)
1983-Check Game, Danger Price, Hole-in-One, Double Prices, Bonus Game, Card Game; Where is Susan? (Game)
1983-Master Key, Take Two, Most Expensive, Safe Crackers, Any Number, Hit Me; DSW!!! (Game)
1983-Master Key, Range Game, Most Expensive, Race Game, Temptation, Pick-a-Pair (Game)
1983-Barker's Bargain Bar, Hole-in-One, Check Game, Take Two, Punch-a-Bunch, Squeeze Play (Game)
1983-Lucky Seven (Terrible loss!!), Hi Lo, 1 Right Price, Poker Game, Shell Game, Ten Chances; DSW!! (Game)
1983-Most Expensive, The Phone Home Game, Poker Game, Safe Crackers, Money Game, Cliff Hangers; Bob's 60th Birthday show (1 copy from Game and the video is glitchy all through the 2nd half, 1 copy is the original broadcast with original commercials)
1983-Give or Keep, Walk of Fame, 3 Strikes, Safe Crackers, Squeeze Play (for a Car!!), Penny Ante; Feat. "Home for Christmas" home viewer showcase!! (Game)
1983-Clock Game, Hole-in-One, Walk of Fame, Double Prices, 3 Strikes, Bonus Game; Bob putts with a trick ball!! (Game)
1983-Temptation, Trader Bob, Double Prices, Take Two, Dice Game, Now or Then; Christmas show!! Feat. bloopers in Temptation and Trader Bob!! PERFECT SHOW!! (Cable problems after 6th PG) (Game)
1984-Lucky Seven, Hit Me, Safe Crackers, Take Two, Master Key, 1 Right Price; It's Hayloft Ethel!! (Game)
1984-Most Expensive, Check Game, The Phone Home Game, Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game (Game)
1984-Lucky Seven, Danger Price, Hi Lo, Most Expensive, Bonus Game, Safe Crackers (Game)
1984-Clock Game (for a Car!!), Danger Price, The Phone Home Game ($13K Win!!), Double Prices, Switcheroo, Range Game (Game)
1984-Range Game, Clock Game, Hole-in-One, Barker's bargain Bar, Secret X, Money Game; The "Big Breakout" showcase show (Game)
1984-Most Expensive, On the Nose (Darts), Balance Game, Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Grand Game + (OB)
1984-Barker's Bargain Bar, On the Nose (Tennis), Trader Bob, Range Game, Money Game, Penny Ante (OB)
1984-Check Game, 1 Right Price, Master Key, Walk of Fame, Money Game, Pick-a-Pair; Christmas show!! (Game)
1985-Bonus game, On the Nose (Football), Range Game, Most Expensive, Money Game, Hi Lo; DSW!! (OB)
1985-(Win TV) Lucky Seven, Now or Then, Barker's Bargain Bar, Race Game, Safe Crackers, Punch-a-Bunch; 14th Season Premiere (Game)
1985-Any Number, Poker Game, Plinko, Bump, One Away, Bullseye; One of Johnny Olson's last shows (Snowy Picture) (OB)
1985-Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, 3 Strikes, Race Game, Range Game (for a Car!!), Hi Lo; Johnny Olson's death acknowledged at the end; NOW WITH BETTER QUALITY!!!!  (OB w/OC))
1985-Grocery Game, 1 Right Price, Dice Game, (Played Great!!), Barker's Bargain Bar, Secret X, Money Game; Gene Wood announces and he's dressed as Santa Claus in a home viewer showcase called "Christmas Wishes"!! (OB)
1985-Bump. Hit Me. Temptation, Safe Crackers, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game; Rich Jeffries announces and Bob Eubanks promotes "Card Sharks"!! (No credits) (OB)
1985-Superball, Dice Game, Most Expensive, Range Game, Any Number, Grand Game; Bob Hilton announces and $11K win in 2nd SCSD!! (OB)
1986-Master Key, 1 Right Price, Take Two, Clock Game, Temptation, Bullseye; $11K win in 2nd SCSD!! (OB)
1986-(Primetime Special #1) Lucky Seven (Blooper win!!), Race Game, Grand Game, Range Game, Punch-a-Bunch, Any Number (Game)
1986-(Primetime Special #2) Superball, Money Game, Danger Price, Plinko, One Away, Clock Game (Game)
1986-(Primetime Special #3) Most Expensive, One Away, Plinko, Clock Game, Hole-in-One, Take Two (Game)
1986-(Primetime Special #4) Any Number, Superball, Most Expensive, Grand Game, Race Game, Shell Game (for a Car!!); Mary Ella faints!! (Game)
1986-(Primetime Special #5) Lucky Seven, Plinko, Danger Price, Grand Game, Temptation, Range Game (Game)
1986-(Primetime Special #6) Clock Game, Hole-in-One, Money Game (for a Boat!!), Race Game, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away (OB)
1986-Safe Crackers (for a Car!!)/Any Number (Play Along), Grand Game, Clock Game, Double Prices, Switcheroo; 15th Season Premiere w/ Mark Goodson cameo (Now have the same show from OB w/ original commercials and better quality)
1986-Card Game, Plinko (Play Along), Race Game, Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Pick-a-Pair; 3000th show!! (OB)
1987-Temptation, Plinko, Clock Game, Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair, Range Game (For a Car!!); TPIR is the longest-running daytime network game show!! Mark Goodson makes a cameo!! Bob, Rod, The Beauties, and the whole staff gather at the end to celebrate!! Feat. Commercials (OB)
1987-Lucky Seven, Danger Price, The Phone Home Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Any Number, Cliff Hangers; Feat. April Fool's Day showcase!! (OB)
1987-Master Key, Barker's Bargain Bar, Clock Game, Race Game, Grand Game. Card Game; 16th Season Premiere (Fair Video) (OB)
1987-Lucky Seven, Check-Out, Poker Game, Double Prices, Temptation, Plinko; Bob's last day with brown hair!! (OB w/OC)
1987-Most Expensive, 3 Strikes (Play Along), Punch-a-Bunch, Take Two, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number; Bob's 1st gray-haired show!! NOW WITH BETTER VIDEO QUALITY!!!! (OB)
1988-Most Expensive, Plinko, Add 'em Up, Take Two, Penny Ante, Any Number; Early show to use computer generated credits (Game)
1988-Spelling Bee, Range Game, Race Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Add 'em Up, Grand Game (OB)
1988-Golden Road, Now or Then, 1 Right Price, Take Two, Bonus Game, 3 Strikes; 17th Season Premiere; Rod reads a letter from Mark Goodson; Celebration by the cast and crew at the end!! (OB w/OC)
1988-Bump, Range Game, Master Key, Clock Game, 3 Strikes, Check-Out (OB w/OC)
1988-Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye, Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Secret X; Bob calls the winner of the "Santa's Workshop" home viewer showcase!!! (OB w/OC)
1989-Bullseye, Lucky Seven, Squeeze Play, Race Game, Master Key, Range Game; $11K Win in 1st SCSD!! (OB)
1989-Money Game, Hi Lo, Credit Card, 1 Right Price, Five Price Tags, Check Game (OB w/OC)
1989-1 Right Price, Pathfinder, Make Your Move, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Lucky Seven  (OB w/OC)
1989-Bump, Hole-in-One, Poker Game, Double Prices, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away; Technical wins in Punch-a-Bunch and One Away!! (OB)
1989-Lucky Seven, Squeeze Play, Super Saver (Premiere), Most Expensive, Punch-a-Bunch, One Away (OB w/OC)
1989-Make Your Move (Premiere), Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar, Double Prices, 3 Strikes, Grocery Game; 18th Season Premiere (OB w/OC)
1989-Most Expensive, Dice Game, Super Saver, Take Two, One Away, Plinko (OB w/OC)
(Tom Kennedy)
1985-Premiere; Lucky Seven, Grocery Game, Danger Price (Game)
1985-Any Number, Pick-a-Pair, Safe Crackers (OB w/OC)
1985-Safe Crackers, Switcheroo, 1 Right Price (OB)
1985-Squeeze Play (Car), Race Game, Grand Game (Game)
1985-Grocery Game, One Away, Take Two (Game)
1985-Money Game, Grand Game, Take Two (Game)
1985-Lucky Seven, Race Game, Grand Game (Game)
1985-Lucky Seven, Clock Game, Secret X (Game)
1985-Double Prices (Car), Plinko, Danger Price (Game)
1985-Any Number, Take Two, Grand Game (Game)
1985-Money Game, Plinko, Most Expensive (Game)
1985-Plinko, Race Game, Double Prices (For a Car!!) (Game)
1985-Punch-a-Bunch ($10,500 Win!!), Money Game, Most Expensive (Game)
1985-Money Game, Most Expensive, Shell Game (Game)
1985-Money Game, Pick-a-Pair, Race Game (Taped in March '85) (Game)
1985-Range Game, Grand Game, Race Game (Game)
1985-Money Game, Pick-a-Pair, Race Game (Taped in September '85) (Game)
1985-Grand Game, Any Number, Double Prices (Game)
1985-Dice Game, Safe Crackers, Secret X (Game)
1985-Golden Road, Hi Lo, Double Prices (Game)
1985-Shell Game, One Away, 1 Right Price (Game)
1985-3 Strikes, Grand Game, Clock Game (Game)
1985-Cliff Hangers, Squeeze Play, Race Game (Game)
1985-Punch-a-Bunch, 3 Strikes, Most Expensive (Game)
1986-Switcheroo (All 5 Won!!), Range Game, Take Two (Game)
1986-Finale; Golden Road, Cliff Hangers, Double Prices (OB)

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