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(Gene Rayburn)
1964-Orson Bean and Jayne Mansfield (Game)
1973-NR, Loretta Swit, CNR, BS, RD, and BW (Game)
1973-BILL CULLEN, BS, Jack Klugman, Cass Elliott, RD, and Loretta Swit; Includes slate (SM w/OC)
1973-Bert Convy, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwhether, RD, and Gail Fisher; New Year's Eve show (Game)
1974-Greg Morris, BS, Morey Amsterdam, Juliet Mills, RD, and FF; Includes slate (SM w/OC)
1974-Joe Flynn, BS, CNR, Linda Kaye Henning, RD, and BW; Includes slate (SM w/OC)
1974-Scoey Mitchell, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, FF; The panel are not in their assigned seats at the opening; Includes slate (SM w/OC)
1974-Bert Convy, BS, Dick Gautier, EJ, RD, and Ann Elder (Game)
1974-Orson Bean, BS, CNR, Mary Ann Mobley, RD, BW (Game)
1974-3 shows w/ BILL CULLEN, BS, CNR, PD, RD, and BW (Game)
1974-NR. BS, CNR, Jackie Joseph, RD, and Joanne Worley; The "Friends/Girlfriends" Debacle!!! (Game)
1974-JACK NARZ, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, and FF (Game)
1974-Richard Long, BS, CNR, JoAnn Pflug, RD, and Kaye Stevens (Game)
1974-Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, JB, RD, and Loretta Swit (Game)
1974-Avery Screiber, BS, GB, Phyllis Newman, RD, and PD (GSN)
1974-James Darren, BS, NR, Juliet Mills, RD, and BW; New Year's Eve show (Game)
1975-First show of '75 w/ Same guests from above (Game)
1975-DM, BS, GB, Mary Ann Mobley, RD, PD (Game)
1975-Edward Asner, BS, CNR, Pat Finley, RD, JB (Game)
1975-BOB BARKER, BS, GB, Rona Barrett, RD, FF (Game)
1975-Clifton Davis, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, JB (PM Premiere) (Game)
1975-Sheldon Leonard, BS, CNR, Dr. Joyce Brothers, RD, FF (PM) (Game)
1975-William Shatner, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwhether, RD, JB (PM) (Game)
1975-Avery Screiber, BS, CNR, Joan Collins, RD, PD; The "Burns and Cuts" debacle!!! (PM)  (Game)
1975-Dick Gautier, BS, CNR, Melinda Fee, RD, BW; The "Admiral Color TV" debacle!!! (PM) (Game)
1975-Orson Bean, BS, CNR, Mary Ann Mobley, RD, PD (PM) (GSN)
1975-Edward Asner, BS, GB, Marcia Rodd, RD, BW (PM) (GSN)
1975-Dick Gautier, BS, CNR, Melinda Fee, RD, BW (Game)
1975-Joe Silver, BS, CNR, Esther Rolle, RD, FF; Bern Bennett announces (Game)
1975-DM, BS, CNR, Jody Donovan, RD, FF; New Year's Eve show (Game)
1976-Clifton Davis, BS, CNR, Susan Howard, RD, Patty Duke Astin (Low Audio) (Game)
1976-Joey Bishop, BS, CNR, Janice Lynde, RD, PD (Game)
1976-2 shows w/ Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, FF (Game)
1976-2 shows w/ BD. BS, CNR, Lee Meriwhether, RD, FF (Game)
1976-Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Roz Kelly, RD, BW (PM) (Game)
1976-Joey Bishop, BS, CNR, Elizabeth Allen, RD, FF; New Year's Eve show; Mark Goodson makes a cameo appearance!! (GSN)
1977-NR, BS, CNR, Rosemary Forsyth, RD, JB (GSN)
1977-3 shows w/ DM, BS, CNR, Debralee Scott, RD, JB (Game)
1977-Edward Asner, BS, CNR, Debralee Scott, RD, PD; The "School Riot" show!!! (1 copy from GAME, Another copy from GSN's 50 Greatest Games)
1978-DM, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, FF Helen Rayburn in the audience!! (PM) (Game)
1978-GB, BS, CNR, JoAnn Pflug, RD, FF (PM) (Game)
1978-BD, BS, CNR, Bonnie Franklin, RD, MW; 1st PM with Blue set!! (Game)
1978-Bowzer, BS, CNR, Brianne Leary, BOB BARKER, JB (PM) (Game)
1978-Robert Walden, BS, CNR, Audrey Landers, Bert Convy, PDA (PM) (Game)
1978-NR, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, DM, PD (PM) (Game)
1978-Bill Anderson, BS, CNR, Donna Pescow, Jack Klugman, BW; Jack and Charles trade seats and a mini-wedding ceremony for Jack and Brett is done!! (GSN)
1978-Joe Santos, BS, CNR, Carol Jones, DM, FF (GSN)
1979-Robert Pine, BS, CNR, Jamie Lee Curtis, DM, BW; Kirstie Alley is a contestant!! (Game)
1979-Robert Walden, BS, CNR, EJ, BD, JB; The "Cuckoo. Friend, and Ollie" show (+) (Game)
1979-2 shows w/ Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Rita Moreno, BD, PD (GSN)
1979-David Doyle, BS, CNR, Randi Oakes, BD, MW (GSN)
1980-Brian Patrick Clarke, Jack Klugman, CNR, EJ, Robert Donner, MW; Jack goes ballistic!! (PM) (GSN)
1980-2 shows w/ PETER MARSHALL, BS, DM, EJ, BILL CULLEN, BW (Game)
1980-Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, JB, BD, BW; Betty asks a question in a round while Gene plays the game!!! (GSN)
1981-Joe Santos, BS, DM, Eva Gabor, MS, EJ (GSN)
1981-George Kennedy, BS, CNR, Barbara Rhoades, BD, BW; Jenny Jones is a contestant!!! (Game)
1981-2 shows w/Bernie Kopell, BS, CNR, Marjorie Goodman, Scoey Mitchell, Edie Mcclurg (GSN)
1981-2 shows w/Fred Travalena, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwhether, MS, FF (GSN)

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