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The Price is Right (1950's to 1970's)

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(Bill Cullen)
1960-IUFB's include a Mercedes and a bonus featuring a basket of rabbits!! (Game)
1964-Arthur Treacher plays for members of studio audience; Features Ticket Plug (SM)
(Bob Barker)
1972-Premiere (Fair Video) (SM w/OC)
1972-(Show #2) Grocery Game,Bullseye I, Double Prices (SM w/OC)
1972-(Show #3) Grocery Game,Bullseye I, Double Prices (SM /OC)
1972-(Show #4) Any Number, Bonus Game, Double Prices (SM w/OC)
1972-(Show #5) Grocery Game, Bullseye I, Double Prices; It's BooBoo!! (SM w/OC)
1972-Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices (CBS Special)
1972-Grocery Game, 2-Player Auction (Premiere), Double Prices (Game)
1972-Grocery Game, Any Number, Clock Game (Premiere) (Game)
1972-5 Price Tags, Grocery Game, Clock Game (Game)
1972-5 Price Tags (Premiere), Grocery Game, Double Prices (Game)

1972-5 Price Tags, Hi Lo, Range Game; Halloween Showcase!! (Game)
1973-Lucky Seven, Mystery Price, Most Expensive (Game)
1973-Money Game (Premiere), Give or Keep (Premiere), Double Prices (Game)
1973-Hi Lo, Double Digits, Range Game (Game)
1973-Mystery Price (Premiere), Any Number, Clock Game (Game)
1973-Any Number,  Give or Keep, Double Prices (Game)
1973-Give or Keep, Money Game, Clock Game: Dog offered in showcase!! (Game)
1973-Grocery Game, 5 Price Tags, Range Game; Feat. Salute to the 50's showcase!! (Game)
1974-Any Number, Give or Keep, Clock Game (CBS Special)
1974-Temptation, Hi Lo, Clock Game; Bert Convy promotes "Tattletales"!! (Game)
1975-Clock Game, Grocery Game, Card Game; DSW!! (Game)
1975-Hi Lo, Any Number, Double Prices; It's Ruphina and the Do-It-Yourself showcase!! (Game)
1975-Clock Game, Give or Keep, Any Number (CBS Special)
1975-5 Price Tags, Range Game, Race Game; DSW!! + (Game)
1975-5 Price Tags, Double Prices, Hi Lo (Game)
1975-Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Race Game (Game)
1975-Temptation, 1 Right Price, Grocery Game (Game)
1975-Hi Lo, Most Expensive, GOLDEN ROAD (PREMIERE!!!); DSW!!! (SM w/slate)
1975-Golden Road, Grocery Game, Most Expensive, Any Number, Range Game, Give or Keep; Experimental hour-long show (Tracking problems during 2nd half) (SM)
1975-Golden Road, Grocery Game, Most Expensive, Any Number, Poker Game (Premiere), Give or Keep; 1st official hour-long show; PERFECT SHOW!!(1 tape from Game, the other is studio master w/ticket plug, slate, and a few commercials)
1975-(Win TV) Lucky Seven, Shell Game, Clock Game, Most Expensive, Card Game, Hi Lo; It's Wacky Pamela and Cryin' Guadalupe!! (Game)
1975-5 Price Tags, Clock Game, 1 Right Price, Any Number, Race Game, Grocery Game; $100 difference in showcase but no DSW!! (Game)
1976-(Win TV) Lucky Seven Shell Game, Most Expensive, Any Number, Range Game, Hi Lo; The "GAS" showcase ep. w/ "Elton Johnny O"!! (Game)
1976-Grocery Game, 3 Strikes, Clock Game, Most Expensive, Danger Price, 5 Price Tags; Janice..."This is Your Strife" show (Game)
1976-Golden Road, Hurdles (Malfunctions!!)/Double Prices, Dice Game (Premiere), Bonus Game, Race Game (Game)
1976-Clock Game, Ten Chances, Poker Game, Range Game, Hi Lo, Money Game; Patricia's in the little girls' room!! (Game)
1976-Most Expensive, 3 Strikes, Grocery Game, Danger Price, 5 Price Tags, Double Prices: Summer Bartholomew is in the audience!! (Game)
1977-Clock Game, Secret X, Any Number, Double Prices, Ten Chances, Hurdles; YOLANDA!!! (Game)
1977-Bonus Game, Poker Game, Professor Price (Premiere), Double Prices, Any Number, Grocery Game (for a CAR!!); PERFECT SHOW!! (Game)
1977-Give or Keep, Dice Game, Safe Crackers, Double Prices, Card Game, Grocery Game; Feat. Gregory Peck salute showcase (Game)
1977-Danger Price, Temptation, Give or Keep, Money Game, Hi Lo, Clock Game; DSW!! (Game)
1977-Most Expensive, Temptation, Give or Keep, Race Game, Bullseye, Money Game; "The Movie of the Week" showcase spotlight "For the love of Benji" w/ Benji making a cameo!! (Game)
1977-Dice Game, Secret X, Race Game, Card Game, Hurdles, Double Prices; Janice smashes Honda in the showcase!! (Game)
1978-Golden Road, Danger Price, Give or Keep, 3 Strikes, Grocery Game, 1 Right Price; Bob is attacked twice inclding a bad-looking lump on his forehead!! (Game)
1978-Clock Game, Dice Game, Grocery Game, Most Expensive, Temptation, Give or Keep; $5 DSW!! (Game)
1979-Grocery Game, It's Optional, Most Expensive, Range Game, Give or Keep, Money Game; DSW!!! (Game)
1979-Any Number, Take Two, Hi Lo, Squeeze Play, Cliff Hangers, Dice Game; $2 DSW!! (Game)
1979-Clock Game, Switcheroo, Most Expensive, Race Game, Grocery Game, Dice Game; Christmas day show (Game)
(Dennis James)
1972-Grocery Game, Any Number, (Double) Double Prices (SM)
1974-Grocery Game, Any Number, Most Expensive; Xmas show! (Game)
1975-1 Right Price, Any Number, Grocery Game (SM)
1976-5 Price Tags, Race Game, Range Game (SM)
1977-Money Game, Grocery Game, Clock Game (SM)

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