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Remote Control
1987-Brian vs. Mary vs. Jeff (OB w/ OC)
1987-Steve vs. Carla vs. Paul (OB)
1988-David vs. Lisa vs. Ted; BOB EUBANKS VISITS!!! (OB)
1988-Celebrity show w/ LL Cool J, Julie Brown, and Weird Al Yankovic (OB)
Rodeo Drive
1990-Kate vs. Paul vs. Midori (OB)
Sale of the Century
1983-Premiere (OB)
1984-Nanci vs. Bob vs. Dawn (OB)
1984-Premiere of the Winner's Big Money Board (OB)
1985-Mark DeCarlo wins $50K!!! (OB w/OC)
1985-Tim wins $166K!! (USA)
1985-John wins $156K!! (USA)
1985-Alice wins $141K!! (USA)
1988-Rhona vs. Jim vs. Elaine; Summer Bartholomew is a Fame Game subject!! (USA)
1989-Victor vs. Robin vs. Craig (USA)
1989-Finale (SM)
1984-Christmas show; The Infamous "Because, I'm Jewish" show (USA)
1985-Tournament of Champions Finals (USA)
1987-Game Show Hosts show; Bill Rafferty vs. TOM KENNEDY!!; Marc Summers hosts the Sprint rounds and Round 2!! (OB w/OC)
1988-2 eps. from second Game Show Hosts week (OB)
1990-Finale (OB)
1993-Last show from '93 revival (OB)
Sense and Nonsense
1950's-One show (SM w/OC)
Shop 'til You Drop
1994-Tom/Julie vs. Ann/Bryan (PAX)
1994-Michelle/Fred vs. Sheri/Chris (PAX)
2001-Julie/Clark vs. Michelle/Jason (PAX)
Split Second (Tom Kennedy)
1975-Finale (SM)
(Monty Hall)
1986-Dianne vs. Robert vs. Shelley (FAM)
1986-Glenn vs. Stan vs. Denya (FAM)
1986-Rebecca vs. Nick vs. Elizabeth (FAM)
1986-Brian vs. Barbara vs. Melissa (FAM)
Supermarket Sweep
1990-Premiere episode (OB)
1990-Sweep of Champions episode (OB)
1994-Lori/Kelly vs. Cheryl/Mitch vs. Lisa/Kevin (PAX)
1994-Jana/Teresa vs. Kate/Michelle vs. Teri/Keri (PAX)
2001-Spencer/Stephanie vs. Juanita/Marilyn vs. Murphy/Coleman (PAX)
2001-Double Your Money Finals  (PAX)
Take a Good Look
1960's-One show (SM)
1989-Geoff Edwards, Steve Skyrovan, Marc Summers, and Scott Nemes (OB)
1989-Premiere (OB)
Three on a Match
1974-Fred vs. Marilyn vs. Jon (OB w/OC)
To Tell The Truth
(Bud Collyer)
1950's-One show (SM W/OC)
1950's-Duncan Hines is a the subject in 1st round!! (GSN)
1958-Sir Edmund Hillary is the subject in 1st round!! (Game)
(Garry Moore)
1971-The Whiffenpoofs of Yale perform after 1st round!! (Game)
1971-Bert Convy, BC, PC, KC (Game)
1972-Orson Bean, BC, PC, KC (Game)
1972-Durward Kirby, BC, PC, KC (Game)
1977-Garry's last show (GSN)

(Joe Garagiola)

1977-Barry Nelson, BC, PC, KC; Darth Vader episode (GSN)
(Lynn Swann)
1990-Vicki Lawrence, David Niven Jr., Ron Masak, PC; Feat. Celebrity Potato Chip Maker (Credits Missing) (Game)
(John O'Hurley)
2000-Premiere (OB)
2000-MT, PP, Dave Coulier, Brande Rhoderick (OB)
2000-Kitty Carlisle returns!! (OB)
2000-2 shows w/ MT, PP, Kermit the Frog, Traci Bingham (GSN)
2000-MT, PP, Richard Kind, Brooke Burns (GSN)
2001-MT, Hattie Winston, Joshua Morrow, Brooke Burns; Feat. 10-Year Old country singer (OB)
Top Card
1989-Sandy vs. Barry vs. Debbi (OB)
Treasure Hunt (Geoff Edwards)
1974-$25K Win!!; From GSN 50 Greatest (GSN)
1974-Rolls Royce won!!! (GSN)
5 1981-82 shows (2 of them include Jackpot wins) (4 from Game and 1 from CBN)

Treasure Mall

1988-Kristy/Jordy vs. Truely/Kevin (OB w/OC)
Trivia Trap
12 shows (Including all 5 shows from Celebrity Week and the first 3 shows of second format) (GSN)
Trivial Pursuit: America Plays
2008-Michael vs. Kelly vs. Lou (OB)
Truth or Consequences
1956-Premiere of daytime version and Bob Barker's official TV debut!! (with timer on bottom of the screen) (SM w/OC)
1961-Feat. A Baby Race and a Husband and Wife reunion (SM w/OC)
1966-Rare Kinescope show; Feat. some hilarious unicycle antics (KIN)
2003-$10,663 win!! (Game)
2003-Ed vs. James Larsen vs. Janie; Peter Tomarken makes a cameo!! (GSN)
What's My Line?
(John Daly)
1960's-Mystery Guest: The McGuire Sisters (Game)
1960's-Mystery Guest: Dorothy Lamour (GSN)
(Larry Blyden)
1972-SS, Meredith MacRae, Henry Morgan, AF; Mystery Guest: Art Fleming (Game)
1973-SS, Alan Alda, Melba Tolliver, AF (Game)
1973-SS, Anita Gillette, BERT CONVY, AF (Game)
1973-SS, Carole Shelley, Gene Shalit, AF (Game)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
1991-Lauren vs. Khemaridh vs. Kwaku + (OB)
1992-Greg vs. Annie vs. Joshua (OB)
1993-Kate vs. Justin vs. Allegra (OB)
1994-Rory vs. John vs. Daniel (OB)
1979-Randy Amasia show (SM)
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?
(Regis Philbin)
1999-Premiere (OB)
1999-Second show (OB)
2001-Kevin Olmstead's $2,180,000 Win show (OB)
(Meredith Vieira)
2002-Premiere (OB)
Win Ben Stein's Money
1998-Nick vs. Lori. vs. Kim; $5K win!! (OB)
1998-Michael vs. Kelly vs. Peter; $5K win!!(OB)
1998-Terry vs. Karen vs. Christian (OB)
1998-Alan vs. Carolyn vs. Norm (GSN)
1998-Tom vs. Carol vs. Curtis (GSN)
1998-Steven vs. Maureen vs. Chris; $5K win!! (GSN)
1998-Doug vs. Charlene vs. David; $5K win!! (GSN)
Win, Lose, or Draw
1988-Marsha Warfield, Robin Bernard, Peter Deluise, and Jamie Farr (Game)
Winning Streak
1974-Only Surviving Show (Game)
1988-Premiere; Dennis vs. Susie vs. Karen; Car Win!! (USA)
1988-Kaylene vs. Cameron vs. Dean (OB w/OC)
1988-Nikki vs. Kevin vs. Kathy; Peter makes a PYL blunder!! (USA)
1989-Darnell vs. Scott vs. Dorian (USA)
1987-Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, Louis Nye (OB)
1987-Finale; Jamie Farr, Marsha Warfield, Jimmy Aleck (OB
You Bet Your Life
1960's-The Secret Word is "Skin" (Original Copy)
You Don't Say
1963-Betty White and Barry Sullivan (SM w/OC)
1960's-Jaye P. Morgan and Rod Serling (SM w/OC)

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