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Double Dare (Marc Summers)
1986-Dynamic Duo vs. Odd Couple (GAS)
1986-Raiders vs. Mets (Nick)
1986-Swatches vs. Headrooms (GAS)
1986-Dodgers vs. Crusaders (GAS)
1986-Thunder vs. Lightning (GAS)
1986-Bundys vs. Mind Benders (GAS)
1988-3-D day show (GAS)
1988-Wit Pains vs. Ghastley Goobers; Andrea likes "Finders Keepers"!!! (OB)
1988-East-West Connection vs. 2 Wonders of the World (GAS)
1988-Cruisers vs. Jammin Jays (GAS)
1988-Married with Children vs. My Two Dads (OB)
1988-Weird Al Yankovic and Lou Ferrigno plays!!! (Family)(OB w/OC)
1988-Fondaks vs. Fischlers (Family) (Nick)
1988-Scharles vs. Lentzs (Family) (Nick)
1989-Jim J. Bullock hosts while Marc and Harvey plays!! (Super Sloppy)
1989-Backwards day show (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Beach Bums vs. Sensational Stingers (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Stupid Hat Day show (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Bodacious Beach Bums vs. Short Slimers (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Salute to Wink Martindale (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Ridiculous Rodent Roaches vs. Two Hype (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Surfing Sushis vs. Exploding Cherry Bombs (Super Sloppy (GAS)
1989-Tribute to Al Silvers (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Salute to Breakfast (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Buggers vs. Saliva (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
1989-Messy Brain Busters vs. Brain Freaks (Super Sloppy) (GAS)
Double Dare 2000
2000-Hot Spot vs. Old Blue (Nick)
2000-Red Rubies vs. Blue Bees (Nick)
2000-WCW Wrestlers play (Nick)
Figure It Out
13 Family Style shows and 1 regular show (GAS)
Finders Keepers
(Wesley Eure)
1987-Premiere; Kathy/Tim vs. Lacey/Justin (OB)
1987-Tia/Ryan vs. Scott/Andrea (GAS)
1987-Dante/Marisol vs. Taft/Lisa (GAS)
1988-Harry/Belinda vs. Amy/Scott (GAS)
1988-Leslie/Tim vs. Maria/Jason (GAS)
(Larry Toffler)
1988-James/Tracey vs. Tamika/Bobby (GAS)
1988-Shauna/Tony vs. Jared/Kayla (GAS)
1988-Abby/Edgar vs. Stephanie/Jack (GAS)
1988-Andy/Jenny vs. Brian/Amber (GAS)
Get the Picture
1991-Chrissy/Damon vs. Tiffini/Adam (GAS)
1991-Laurie/Fred vs. Belinda/Jason (GAS)
Legends of the Hidden Temple
1993-"The Legend of Shaka Zulu" (OB)
Make the Grade
1989-Janelle vs. Frank vs. Liana (GAS)
1990-Kendria vs. Colleen vs. Eric (GAS)

Nickelodeon Arcade

1992-Clarissa Explains it All special (GAS)
1992-Welcome Freshman special (GAS)
1992-Salute Your Shorts special (GAS)
Think Fast (Michael Carrington)
1989-Jen/Jeremy vs. Cathy/Matt; Locker Room win!! + (GAS)
1989-Casey/Aaron vs. Marisa/James (GAS)
1989-Denise/Sean vs. Beth/Jason (GAS)
1989-Charisse/Stephen vs. Susan/Ricky (GAS)

(Skip Lackey)

1990-Tiffany/Bo vs. Tangela/Keith (GAS)

What Would You Do?

1992-Includes Marco Polo, Breakdancing, etc. (GAS)
1992-Pie Slide (Nick)
1992-Haircuts (GAS)

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