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(Jack Narz)
1974-Champion: Adrienne; Opponents: Michelle, Ronnie, Linda, and Larry (GSN)
1974-Champion: Adrienne; Opponents: Greta, Betty, Lori, and Marcia (GSN)
1974-Champion: Adrienne; Opponents: Lesley, Cheryl, Lynn, and Michael (GSN)
1974-Champion: Adrienne; Opponents: Marion, Ron, Barbara, and Lynn (GSN)
1974-Champion: Barbara; Opponents: Valerie, Don, Betty, and Suzanne (GSN)
1974-Champion: Barbara; Opponents: Sioux, Neil, Jane, and Patricia (GSN)
1974-Champion: Barbara; Opponents: Rita, Linda, Kathleen, and Ben (GSN)
1974-Champion: Ben; Opponents: Christine, Kathy, Doris, and Ruth; $17K BONUS WIN!!! (GSN)
1974-Champion: Doris; Opponents: Vera, Carol, Richard, and Kathy (GSN)
1974-Champion: Doris; Opponents: Mike, Vivian, Karen, and Martha (GSN)
1974-Champion: Martha; Opponents: Susie, Tanya, Isabelle, and David (GSN)
1974-Champion: Martha; Opponents: Carol, Jamie, Mary, and Bill (GSN)
1974-Champion: Valerie; Opponents: Patty, Al, Kathy, and Gloria (GSN)
1974-Champion: Gloria; Opponents: Maryanne, Louise, Melba, and Linda (GSN)
1974-Champion: Linda; Opponents: Patty, Steve, Nancy, and Carolyn (GSN)
1974-Champion: Linda; Opponents: Halvin, Kathy, Sherry, and Jean (GSN)
1974-Champion: Jean; Opponents: Jim, Bobbi, Dale, and Lynn (GSN)
1974-Champion: Jean; Opponents: Joanne, Terri, Sue, and Neil (GSN)
1974-Champion: Terri; Opponents: Rosalie, Deborah, Alice, and Tom; $11K BONUS WIN!!! (GSN)
1974-Champion: Tom; Opponents: Tawny, Rozzie (sp?), Mickie, and Mary (GSN)
1974-Champion: Rozzie (sp?); Opponents: Myrna, Dick, Barbara, and Becky (GSN)
1974-Champion: Dick; Opponents: Kathy, Richard, Cheryl, and Rose (GSN)
1974-Champion: Dick; Opponents: Linda, Melanie, Tom, and Sherie (GSN)
1974-Champion: Linda: Opponents: Marlene, Mona, Adrienne, and Emily (GSN)
1974-Champion: June; Opponents: Jan, Marcia, Alan, and Dinah (GSN)
1974-Champion: Dinah; Opponents: Anne, Pat, Rosie, and Peggy; $18K BONUS WIN !!!(GSN)
1974-Champion: Anne; Opponents: Barry, Rose, Carolyn, and Hilda (GSN)
1974-Champion: Anne; Opponents: Patti, Betty, Brenda, and Sandra (GSN)
1974-Champion: Betty; Opponents: Tim, Cathy, Julie, and Joan (GSN)
1974-Champion: Julie; Opponents: Brenda, Julie, Tish, and John (GSN)
1974-Champion: Tish; Opponents: Lauri, Tallie, Judy, and Catherine (GSN)
1974-Champion: Judy; Opponents: Sherry, Diane, Bob, and Janice (GSN)
1974-Champion: Bob; Opponents: Barbara, Carla, Samantha, and Mike (GSN)
1974-Champion: Bob; Opponents: Jan, Jonathan, Gail, and Lesley (GSN)
1974-Champion: Bob; Opponents: Diane, Joan, Terry, and Norma (GSN)
1974-Champion: Bob; Opponents: Jan, John, Roz, and Valerie; $10K BONUS WIN!!! (GSN)
(Chuck Henry)
1989-Premiere (OB w/OC)
1989-Finale (OB)

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