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1982-Cathy vs. Ray (GSN)
1982-Cathy vs. Bernie (GSN)
1982-Heidi vs. Sharon (GSN)
1982-Heidi vs. Gene (GSN)
1982-Lisa vs. Craig (GSN)
1982-Lisa vs. Limar (GSN)
1982-Carrie vs. Dave (GSN)
1982-Cindy vs. Karen (GSN)
1982-Cindy vs. Linda (GSN)
1982-Pam vs. Peggy (GSN)
1983-Madelyn vs. Christianne (GSN)
1983-Madelyn vs. Betty (GSN)
1983-Betty vs. Joan (GSN)
1983-Betty vs. Vicki (GSN)
1983-Vicki vs. Ron (GSN)
1983-Ron vs. Wendy (GSN)
1983-LaVonne vs. Altus (GSN)
1983-LaVonne vs. Eileen (GSN)
1983-LaVonne vs. William (GSN)
1983-LaVonne vs. Lynora (GSN)
1983-Steve vs. Julie (GSN)
1983-Julie vs. Eleanor (GSN)
1983-Jean vs. Susan (GSN)
1983-Jean vs. Connie (GSN)
1983-Cherie vs. Judy (GSN)
1983-Cherie vs. Mary (GSN)
1983-Mary vs. Marla (GSN)
1983-Marla vs. Wayne (GSN)
1983-Marla vs. Monica (GSN)
1983-Marla vs. Mike (GSN)
1983-Mike vs. Brandi (GSN)
1983-Brandi vs. Jan (GSN)
1983-Brandi vs. Forescee (GSN)
1983-Forescee vs. Brian (GSN)
1983-Joanie vs. Rose (GSN)
1983-Joanie vs. John (GSN)
1983-Laura vs. Maxine (GSN)
1983-Maxine vs. Debbie (GSN)
1983-Suzan vs. Anita (GSN)
1983-Suzan vs. Steve (GSN)
1983-Suzan vs. Eileen (GSN)
1983-Eileen vs. Randy (GSN)
1983-Eileen vs. Lori (GSN)
1983-Steve vs. Maria (GSN)
1983-Anni vs. Steve (GSN)
1983-Anni vs. Judi (GSN)
1983-Anni vs. Pam (GSN)
1983-Pam vs. Suzy (GSN)
1983-Julie vs. Gerry (GSN)
1983-Julie vs. Bob (GSN)
1983-Final episode (OB w/OC)

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