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(Art Fleming)
1972-2000th show w/ Mel Brooks as the 2,000-year old man!!! (SM)
1975-Last show (SM)
1979-Last show from 2nd NBC run (Game)
(Alex Trebek)
1983-Pilot (SM)
1984-Premiere (OB w/OC)
1987-Dave vs. Elizabeth vs. Brian (Game)
1987-Virginia vs. Paula vs. Pat (Game)
1997-Adele vs. Pam vs. John (Opening Missing) (GSN)
1997-Adele vs. Jack vs. Pat (GSN)
1997-Celebrity episode w/ Dot Richardson, SUMMER SANDERS, and Rebecca Lobo (GSN)
2002-Million Dollar Masters Finals (OB)
2007-Jack vs. Sandra vs. Michael (Ultimate Tournament of Champions) (GSN)
2007-Tad vs. Leszek vs. Al (Ultimate Tournament of Champions) (GSN)
2007-Paul vs. Andrew vs. Ed (Ultimate Tournament of Champions) (GSN)
2007-Kyle vs. Rick vs. Dan (Ultimate Tournament of Champions) (GSN)
2007-Eric vs. Pam vs. Arthur (Ultimate Tournament of Champions) (GSN)
2007-David vs. Jennifer vs. Matthew (GSN)

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