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The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments: All 5 NBC specials
TV's Funniest Game Show Moments Parts 1 and 2: 1984 ABC specials hosted by William Shatner (Part 1 has original commercials)
TV's Funniest Game Show 1 and 2: Both FOX specials
The Gordon Elliott Show: 1996 ep. w/ Bob Barker
Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal: 2003 GSN special on Michael Larsen's "Reign of Terror"
All 5 of the "Game Shows Gone Bananas" specials (1st 4 from GSN and the last one from VH1)
E! True Hollywood Story:
1997-Ray Combs
2002-The Price is Right
2002-Family Feud
2003-Hollywood Squares
2005-Wheel of Fortune
A&E Biography:
1999-Bob Barker
1999-Vanna White
2000-Mark Goodson
2006-TV Game Shows
1999 Daytime Emmy Awards: Clip of Bob Barker receiving Lifetime Achievement Award
2001 Daytime Emmy Awards: Clip of Bob Barker presenting Ralph Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award
Something So Right: 2 eps. w/ Bob Barker (1st ep. clipped by a few minutes) (USA)
Laverne and Shirley: Hilarious "The Dating Game" ep.
The Odd Couple: The "Password" and "Let's Make a Deal" eps. (TV Land)
Entertainment Tonight:
2001-Interview w/ Peter Marshall
2002-Segment on "Match Game"
Pioneers of Televsion: 2008 PBS Special on Game Shows
The Fairly Oddparents:

"Channel Chasers"-The Million Dollar Spin clip and "A Partnership"
Saturday Night Live:

Clip: "Where in the World is San Diego, California?" w/ Bob Saget
2001 Game Show Parodies special
Clip: "Brain Busters" w/ Bernie Mac
Sesame Street: "Pick Your Pet", "The Mystery Mix-Up Game", and "To Tell a Face"
Square One TV: "Close Call" and "But Who's Counting?"
Game Show Bloopers: From "The Challengers" and "Sale of the Century" and Art James's Say When Blooper
Game Show Bloopers: From "Let's Make a Deal" (1990) and "Match Game (1998)
Play It Back: 70's Game Shows (GSN)
Play It Back: 80's Game Shows (GSN)
Play It Back: 90's Game Shows (GSN)

Double Dare: The Inside Slop

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