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The $10,000 Pyramid
1973-Richard Deacon and Kaye Ballard (SM)
1973-3 shows w/ Ed Asner and Sandy Duncan (Game)
1973-3 shows w/ McClean Stevenson, Loretta Swit, Anita Gillete, and David Speilberg (Game)
The $20,000 Pyramid
1976-William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy; The Blessed...ARGGGGGHHH!!! (OB)
1978-Adrienne Barbeau and Soupy Sales (OB w/OC)
1978-Anne Meara and Nipsey Russell (OB w/OC)
1978-Joyce Bulifant and Ron Glass (OB w/OC)
1978-All-Star Junior episode w/ Susan Richardson and Tony Danza (OB w/OC)
1978-Rita Moreno and Robert Walden (OB w/OC)
1979-Billy Crystal and Sal Viscuso (Game)
1980-Final show; Lois Nettleton and BILL CULLEN (SM)
The $25,000 Pyramid
1982-Markie Post and Richard Kline; $25K win!! (Game)
1982-Lynn Redgrave and Billy Crystal; From GSN's 80's week!!! (GSN)
1983-Audrey Landers and Charles Siebert (Game)
1985-Patty Duke and Nipsey Russell (GSN)
1985-2 shows w/ Vicki Lawrence and LeVar Burton (GSN)
1985-Adrienne Barbeau and Richard Kline (GSN)
1985-Teresa Ganzel and Ed Begley Jr. (GSN)
1987-Betty White and BILL CULLEN (USA)
1987-Florence Henderson and David Naughton (OB)
1987-1st final show before return in April (OB w/OC)
1988-Return from April w/ Betty White and David Graf (Game)
1988-Official last show (Game)
The $100,000 Pyramid (Dick Clark)
1986-Lauri Hendler and Stuart Pankin (Game)
1986-Henry Polic II and Linda Kelsey; $100K Win!! (GSN)
1986-Henry Polic II and Linda Kelsey (Game)
1986-Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson (Game)
1986-Mary Cadorette and David Graf; $100K win!! (Game)
1987-Betty White and David Graf (GSN)
1987-LeVar Burton and Shelley Smith; $100K win!! (Low Audio) (Game)
1987-Markie Post and Brian Mitchell; $100K win!! (Opening and Contestant introductions missing) (Game)

(John Davidson)

1992-Adrienne Barbeau and Jason Alexander; $100K win!!! (OB)

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