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1970's-$8,284 Big Deal is won!!! (GSN)
1970's-$9,068 Big Deal is offered! (Game)
1970's-$10,171 Big Deal is won!! (GSN) (Audio goes low when it gets to the Big Deal)
1970's-$11,950 Big Deal is offered! (Game)
1970's-$9,360 Big Deal is offered!! (GSN)
1970's-$8,863 Big Deal is won!! (GSN)
1970's-$9,057 Big Deal is won!! (GSN)
1970's-$7,176 Big Deal is offered!!; Includes The infamous runaway sleigh blooper (GSN)
1970's-$9,149 Big Deal is won!! (GSN)
1970's-$8,909 Big Deal is won!! (GSN)
1970's-$10,344 Big Deal is offered!! (GSN)
1970's-$11,023 Big Deal is won!! (GSN)
1976-Last Las Vegas Hilton show (GSN)
1976-Bob goes for Super Deal!! (Game)
1976-Ophelia trades away a car for the big deal then risks that for the Super Deal!! (some comm)(Game)
1976-Super Deal Win!!!; From GSN 50 Greatest (GSN)
1984-8 "All-New" shows (Including 2 eps. w/ "Door #4" for a car (From GSN), 1 with "Door #4" for cash (From FAM; Video blacksout during Big Deal), 2 from Game, 1 more from FAM, and 2 more from GSN)

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