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"Higher or Lower"

(Jim Perry)
1978-Premiere (Game)
1978-Kris vs. Bernd (Game)
1978-John vs. Irene (Game)
1978-Laura vs. Yvonne; Xmas week show (Game)
1978-Kim at Money Cards (Game)
1978-Norma Brown's $28,800 Win show (Game)
1978-Linda vs. Kathy; Xmas week show (Game)
1978-Bea vs. Marcia (Game)
1979-Shirley vs. Pooran (Game)
1979-Tracy vs. Jorge (GSN)
1979-Jorge vs. Sue (GSN)
1979-Jorge vs. Reenie (GSN)
1979-Jorge vs. Elaine (GSN)
1979-Jorge at Money Cards (GSN)
1979-Philip vs. Sheri (GSN)
1979-Philip vs. Julie (GSN)
1979-Julie at Money Cards (GSN)
1980-Mike vs. Terresa (Game)
1980-Marcy vs. Donna (Game)
1980-Bev at Money cards (GSN)
1980-Teen Week; Mitch vs. Gina (2 shows) (GSN)
1980-Teen Week; Kurt vs. Delia (2 shows) (GSN)
1981-Jane vs. Wayne (GSN)
1981-Brett vs. Philip (GSN)
1981-Finale (Game)
(Bob Eubanks)
1986-Premiere (Game)
1986-Carol at Money Cards; Mark Goodson makes a cameo appearance!!! (GSN)
1986-Carol vs. Jeanne (GSN)
1986-Pete vs. Faith; $29K Win in Money Cards!!! (GSN)
1986-Ed vs. Kim (GSN)
1986-Steve vs. Beth (GSN)
1986-Mickey vs. Doreen (GSN)
1986-Mickey at Money Cards (GSN)
1986-Mickey retires after last appearance at MC (GSN)
1986-Judy vs. Sid (Game)
1986-Linda vs. Herb (Game)
1986-Dee vs. Diane (GSN)
1986-Jim vs. Christine (GSN)
1986-Benjamin vs. Dina (GSN)
1986-Dina vs. Terise (GSN)
1986-Terise vs. Phillip (GSN)
1987-An episode from Young People's Week (Game)
1988-Steve vs. Becky; Lela Rochon is a guest model!! (GSN)
1988-Becky vs. Jeff; Car Win!! (GSN)
1988-Buffy vs. Anita (GSN)
1988-Anita vs. Andy (GSN)
1988-Andy at Money Cards (GSN)
1989-Finale (OB)
(Bill Rafferty)
1986-Toni vs. Willie (GSN)
1986-Susan vs. Vern (GSN)
1986-Mike vs. Nellie + (Game)
1986-Lincoln vs. Gerrie (GSN)
1986-Jane vs. Ron (GSN)
1987-Bob vs. Gina (GSN)
1987-Lincoln vs. Beverly (GSN)
1987-Ray vs. Peggy; Final show (GSN) (I also have another GSN copy of this same show only with the closing credits off of a Game Show Network copy)

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