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Hot Potato
1984-Dentists vs. Air Traffic Controllers (Game)
1984-Bee Keepers at the Bonus game (Game)
1984-Private Eyes vs. Magicians (Game)
1984-Magicians vs. 411 Operators (Game)
1984-Little League Coaches at the Bonus game (Game)
1984-Celebrity show w/ Arte Johnson, Kristan Alfonso, Beverly Garland, and Ron Masak (Game)
I've Got a Secret
1960's-Guest Star: Woody Allen (Game)
(Geoff Edwards)
1974-$38,750 Win!! (SM)
1989-$14,500 Super Jackpot win!! (OB)
1989-$13K Super Jackpot win!! (GSN)
(Mike Darrow)
1986-$8,200 Super jackpot win!! (OB)
The Last Word
1989-Dick Van Patten and June Lockhart (OB)
1989-Edie McClurg and Dick Van Patten (OB)
2002-Desiree/Will vs. Kateri/Brian (GSN)
2005-Sara/Ryan vs. Marz/Tamara (GSN)
2005-Celebrity show w/George Wendt/George Wallace vs. Trista Rehn/Rachel Hunter (GSN)
2007-Mr. Wear/Christy vs. Mrs. Palmquist/Emmanuel (GSN)
2007-Mrs. Meyer/Krystal vs. Mr. Sorenson/Amanda (GSN)
Make Me Laugh
1960's-Orson Bean, Joey Carter, Louis Nye (SM w/OC)
The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour
1984-BOB EUBANKS, Martha Smith, Christopher Rich, Fred Travelena, CNR, James Sloyan, Nancy Frangione, and Erin Moran (OB w/ some comm)
1984-Final show; CNR, FF, Phyllis Diller, Roger E. Mosley, Constance McCashin, Roxie Roker, Leonard Frey, and Barry Gordon (OB w/ OC)
1979-Jack Jones and Joyce Bulifant (OB w/OC)
Merv Griffin's Crosswords
12 shows (OB)


1990-Finale (OB)
The Newlywed Game
1974-Last show from ABC run (Game)
1978-The Bunkers episode (Game)
Play the Percentages
1980-Bernstein vs. Williams (USA)

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