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1990-Golden Road, Clock Game, Grand Game, Safe Crackers, Dice Game, Give or Keep (OB w/OC)
1990-Lucky Seven, Punch-a-Bunch, 1 Right Price, Special 1/2 hour show (OB)
1990-Golden Road, Plinko, Gallery Game (Premiere), Barker's Bargain Bar, Dice Game, Bullseye; 19th Season Premiere w/ Mark Goodson cameo (OB)
1990-Christmas day show; Squeeze Play, Grand Game, One Away, Clock Game, Pathfinder, Make Your Move; Kathleen becomes permanent beauty!! (Game)
1991-3 Strikes, Swap Meet (Premiere), Grand Game, Barker's Bargain Bar, Cliff Hangers, Double Prices; 20th Season Premiere w/ Mark Goodson cameo (Game)
1991-Superball, Barker's Bargain Bar, Money Game, Make Your Move, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number (Game)
1991-(WinTV) Lucky Seven, Plinko, Swap Meet, Check Game, Pick-a-Pair, Any Number; DSW!!! (Game)
1991-Most Expensive, Ten Chances, Plinko, One Right Price, 3 Strikes, Hit Me; Carol Burnett makes a cameo appearance!!! (OB)
1991-One Away (For a Cadillac!!!), 1 Right Price, Grocery Game, Squeeze Play, Lucky Seven, Plinko; Features a $65K Winner!!! (Game)
1992-Superball, Check Game, Lucky Seven, Switch?, Now or Then, Dice Game; Roger makes a mistake in Superball!! (OB)
1992-Superball (PERFECT WIN!!!), Check Game, Dice Game, 1 Right Price, Any Number, Penny Ante (OB)
1992-Lucky Seven, Cliff Hangers, Pick-a-Number; Special 1/2 hour show (OB)
1992-Super Saver, One Away, Most Expensive, Safe Crackers, Punch-a-Bunch, 3 Strikes (OB W/OC)
1992-Super Saver, Take Two, 3 Strikes, Make Your Move, Pathfinder, Squeeze Play(OB W/OC)
1992-Most Expensive, Check-Out (13 Cent difference!!), One Away, 1 Right Price, Plinko, Card Game (OB W/OC)
1992-3 Strikes, Magic Number, Grand Game, Double Prices, One Away, Pick-a-Number; 21st Season Premiere and the final TV appearance of Mark Goodson!!! (OB)
1993-Check Game, Switcheroo (All 5 Won!!!), Most Expensive, Clock Game, Check-Out, One Away (OB)
1993-Swap Meet, Hole-in-One, Pick-a-Number, 1 Right Price, Plinko, Dice Game; Dian's last show (OB)
1993-Credit Card, Pick-a-Number, Pathfinder, Barker's Bargain Bar, Hit Me, Lucky Seven; The "Crocodile Dentist" show (OB w/OC)
1994-Lucky Seven, Plinko, 2 For The Price Of 1; Special 1/2 hour show (OB)

1994-3 Strikes, Barker's Markers (Premiere), Grand Game, Range Game, Secret X, Lucky Seven; 23rd Season Premiere and Gena Nolin is introduced as New Barker's Beauty!! (OB)
1995-Golden Road (Win!!), Plinko, Check Game, Switch?, Lucky Seven, Super Saver; Jade Mills' Incredible run!! (OB)
1995-Golden Road, Plinko, Barker's Bargain Bar, Double Prices, Pick-a-Pair, Lucky Seven; 24th Season Premiere (OB)
1995-Hi Lo, Swap Meet, Any Number, 1 Right Price, Shell Game, Lucky Seven; DSW!!! (OB)
1995-Cover Up, Plinko, Make Your Move, Most Expensive, Dice Game, Grocery Game; Holly's last show (OB)
1995-Cover Up, Poker Game, Check-Out, Switch?, Money Game, Cliff Hangers (OB)
1996-Shell Game, Magic Number, Cover Up, Most Expensive, Card Game, Now or Then; Audience chants "STILL NUMBER ONE" after Bob is introduced!! (OB)
1996-Lucky Seven, Plinko, One Away; 25th Anniversary Special (OB w/OC)
1996-Cover Up, Plinko, Range Game (for a Truck!!), Side by Side, Lucky Seven, Check-Out; 25th Season Premiere (OB)
1996-Squeeze Play, Bullseye, Dice Game (ALL RIGHT NUMBERS ROLLED!!!), Race Game, Secret X, Money Game (OB w/OC)
1996-Range Game (Close win!!!), Master Key, Pick-a-Number, Easy as 123, 3 Strikes (Win!!), Hit Me (OB)
1997-Check Game, 3 Strikes (Win!!), Hit Me, Most Expensive, Cover Up, Plinko; Feat. "Rod the Rapper" showcase (OB)
1997-Cover Up, Plinko, Clock Game, Double Prices, Lucky Seven, Pick-a-Pair; 26th Season Premiere; Janice smashes the Van!!
1997-Shopping Spree, Hole-in-One, 2 For The Price Of 1, Freeze Frame, Any Number, Secret X; Show w/ Metallic Curtains (OB)
1998-Money Game, Fortune Hunter, Cliff Hangers, 1 Right Price, Check-Out, Dice Game; Crazy Connie (OB)
1998-Superball (Final playing), Money Game, Switch?, Squeeze Play, 3 Strikes, Penny Ante (OB) 
1998-Lucky Seven, Any Number, Cliff Hangers, Double Prices, One Away, 5 Price Tags; 5000th show!!; Every game is played for a car!! (OB)
1998-Freeze Frame, Pathfinder, Clock Game, Barker's Markers, Hit Me, 2 For The Price Of 1; 5001st show; Rod messes up with "A Barbecue and a new Car!!"(OB)
1998-Safe Crackers, Spelling Bee, Easy as 123, Magic Number, Penny Ante, Cover Up; Gene Wood announces promotional fees (SR)
1998-Golden Road, Clearance Sale (Premiere), Pick-a-Pair, Double Prices, Plinko, Lucky Seven; 27th Season Premiere (OB)
1998-Check Game, Pathfinder, Easy as 123, Barker's Bargain Bar, Ten Chances, Grand Game; "Bubba" Hester show; PERFECT SHOW! (OB)
1998-Clock Game, Master Key, Double Prices, Check-Out, Fortune Hunter, Dice Game; 1st DSW under $250 or less rule!!! (OB)
1998-Easy as 123, Plinko, Ten Chances, Squeeze Play, Hi Lo, Money Game; Michael is excited to see Janice!! (OB)
1998-Money Game, Bullseye, Buy or Sell, Squeeze Play, Plinko, Card Game; Marion Kresha wins $59,557; It's Rod and Chantel's birthdays!!(OB)
1999-Check Game, Cover Up, Now or Then, One Wrong Price, Card Game, Punch-a-Bunch ($10K Win!!); DSW!!! (OB)
1999-Easy as 123, Plinko, Temptation, Double Prices, Hi Lo, Any Number; 2 $11K winners in 2nd SCSD!! (OB)
1999-5 Price Tags, Make Your Move, Barker's Bargain Bar, Barker's Markers, Hit Me, Cover Up (OB)
1999-Spelling Bee, Buy or Sell, Double Prices, Hi Lo, Any Number, Range Game; Rod says "Come on Down" in Russian and Hebrew; $11K Win in 2nd SCSD! (OB)
1999-Lucky Seven, Grand Game, Shopping Spree, Double Prices, Joker, Ten Chances; $40 DSW!! (OB)
1999-Danger Price, Spelling Bee, Barker's Bargain Bar, Grocery Game, Ten Chances, Switch? (OB)
1999-Any Number, Let 'em Roll (Premiere), Double Prices, Most Expensive, Plinko, Money Game; 28th Season Premiere (OB)
1999-Golden Road (Win!!!), Clock Game, Plinko, Double Prices, Grocery Game, Range Game (OB)

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