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1974-Premiere (Game)
1974-Charlie Brill and Mitzi McCall, Scoey Mitchell and wife, Patty Duke and John Astin; 1st all-quickie day show (Game)
1974-Bill Daily and wife, Fannie Flagg and Dick Sargent, The Astins; Yellow section wins $0!! (Game)
1974-George and Alana Hamilton, James Brown and ex-wife, Brill and McCall (Game)
1974-Jack Albertson and wife, Patti Deutsch and Donald Ross, Ken Berry and Jackie Joseph (Game)
1975-Bill and Ann Cullen, Zsa Zsa Gabor and ex-husband, Joan Collins and ex-husband (Game)
1975-DENNIS JAMES and wife, Jamie Farr and wife, Eva Gabor and husband (Game)
1975-Bill and Ann Cullen, Bob Barker and Dorothy Jo, some girl from Days of our Lives and her ugly husband (From Bob Barker's Birthday Bash) (Game)
1975-Gene Rayburn guest-hosts; Bob Barker and Dorothy Jo, Bert and Anne Convy, Elaine Joyce and Bobby Van (From Bob Barker's Birthday Bash) (Game)
1975-Different show w/ same guests from above and Bert hosts (From Bob Barker's Birthday Bash) (Game)
1977-Bob Barker and Dorothy Jo, Richard Dawson and Jody Donovan, Jack Narz and wife (From Bob Barker's Birthday Bash) (Game)
1977-Different show w/ same guests from above and Bob hosts!! (From Bob Barker's Birthday Bash) (Game)
1983-Grant Goodeve and wife, Bill Daily and wife, Lynn Redgrave and husband; Xmas show (Game)

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