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1960-Juliet Prowse and Robert Horton (Game)
1972-Jack Klugman and Brett Somers; Only surviving ABC show (GSN)
1975-ABC Finale; Kate Jackson and Sam Melville; Mark Goodson, Betty White, and most of the staff appears at the end (OB w/ OC)
Password Plus
(Allen Ludden)
1979-Sarah Purcell and Bill Anderson (Game)
1979-Marcia Wallace and Tony Randall (GSN)
1979-2 shows w/Carol Burnett and Bert Convy from Xmas week (1 from Game and 1 from GSN)
1979-Elaine Joyce and George Peppard; George's infamous rant about the game!! (GSN)
1979-Judy Norton-Taylor and Greg Morris (Game)
1980-Patty Duke and John Astin (Game)
1980-Peggy Cass and BILL CULLEN (GSN)
(Tom Kennedy)
1980-Betty White and Dick Martin; The "French/France Incident" show (GSN)
1982-Bert Convy and Marcia Wallace (GSN)
1982-Finale (SM)
Super Password
1984-Premiere (Game)
1984-Second show; $10K win!! (GSN)
1984-Vicki Lawrence and Tom Poston; $30K win!! (GSN)
1984-Vicki Lawrence and Dick Gautier; "THERE'S A MAN IN THERE!!!!" (Game)
1984-Shelley Smith and Jamie Farr; Xmas eve show (Game)
1984-Abby Dalton and Charles Nelson Reilly (Game)
1984-Judy-Norton Taylor and Richard Moll (GSN)
1985-Lauri Hendler and Fred Grandy (GSN)
1985-Marcia Wallace and BILL CULLEN; Semi-finals to ToC + (Game)
1985-Joanne Worley and Charles Siebert; $35K win!! (GSN)
1985-Joanne Worley and Jack Jones; $20K Win!! (GSN)
1985-Marcia Wallace and James Widdoes (GSN)
1985-4 shows w/ Jamie Farr and Gary Burghoff (GSN)
1986-4 shows w/ Mary Ann Mobley and Gary Collins (GSN)
1987-All 5 shows w/ "Father Knows Best" cast (GSN)
1988-Patty Duke and Rip Taylor; The Infamous "Testimony" Incident!!! (Game)
1988-Roz Ryan and MARC SUMMERS; $20K win!! (OB)
1988-4 shows w/ Ilene Graff and Pat Harrington (GSN)
1989-Finale (OB)

Million Dollar Password

2008-BETTY WHITE and Adam Carolla (OB)


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