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1983-Pilot (SM)
1983-Premiere (OB)
1983-Dave vs. Shirley vs. Robert (OB)
1983-RANDY WEST vs. Kathy vs. Alan (OB)
1984-Bob vs. Kathy vs. Margaret (Game)
1984-MAGGIE BROWN vs. Burt vs. Laureen (Game)
1984-Jimmy vs. Catherine vs. Sue (Game)
1984-Pam vs. Kathy vs. Clifton (Game)
1984-Kathy vs. Joanne vs. Greg (Game)
1984-Tony vs. Laurie vs. Audrey (Game)
1984-Sue vs. KAREN MARTIN vs. Bill (Game)
1984-Both Michael Larsen shows (OB)
1984-Wes vs. Reva vs. Sandi; $24,828 Win!! (Game)
1984-Cheryl vs. Craig vs. Lynda (Game)
1984-Cathy vs. Craig vs. Pete (GSN)
1984-Randy vs. Lori vs. Cathy; The Great Spin Battle!!!! (GSN)
1984-Kimberly vs. David vs. Rhonda; $750 Win!! (Game)
1984-Nyna vs. Rick vs. Stacey; $20,421 Win (w/ a CAR)!! (Game)
1984-Ondreia vs. Ralph vs. Phyllis (Game)
1984-GENE SNYDER vs. Carol vs. Nancy (GSN)
1984-Lori vs. James vs. BEVERLIE PETERS (Game)
1984-Patty vs. David vs. Jenneen (Game)
1984-Clark vs. Colleen vs. Charles; $27,407 Win!!! (Game)
1984-Kimberley vs. Thorne vs. Gary (GSN)
1984-Julie vs. Lee vs. Tricia (GSN)
1984-Kate vs. Ed vs. Cindy (GSN)
1984-Cindi vs. Ed vs. Cheri (GSN)
1984-Debbie vs. Dennis vs. Lee (GSN)
1984-Ron vs. Randy vs. Suzanne; With Carolin' Whammies!!! (GSN)
1984-Mike vs. Bob vs. Sue; Bob retires with over $57K!!!; New Year's Eve show (GSN)
1985-Andrea vs. Arlene vs. Mike (GSN)
1985-Jana vs. Jobe vs. Jeffie (GSN)
1985-Andrea vs. Al vs. Rita (Wins $0!!!) (GSN)
1985-Stanford vs. Linnea vs. Carol (GSN)
1985-Susan vs. Linnea vs. Michael (GSN)
1985-Katie vs. Ramon vs. Grag (Back to School Week) (GSN)
1985-Jacquie vs. Matt vs. Roxy (Back to School Week) (GSN)
1985-Monica vs. Missie vs. Chris (Back to School Week) (GSN)
1985-Elliott vs. Jake vs. Christy (Back to School Week) (GSN)
1985-Ken vs. Shequita vs. Lela (Wins over $17K with three whammies!!!) (GSN)
1985-Steve (NO WHAAAAAMMMMMIIIEEESSS!!) vs. Kent vs. Lynn (Game)
1985-Kathy vs. Steven vs. Steve (GSN)
1985-Steve vs. Myke vs. Robin (GSN)
1985-Jacklynn vs. Matt vs. Mark (GSN)
1985-Marcia vs. Mike vs. John (GSN)
1985-Mike vs. Toria vs. Marcia (GSN)
1985-Tyler vs. Ralph vs. Mary (GSN)
1985-Steve vs. Ruth vs. Michael (College Week) (GSN)
1985-Brian vs. Terri vs. Chris (College Week) (GSN)
1985-John vs. Laurie vs. Tim (College Week) (GSN)
1985-Sam vs. Jim "Foul-mouthed" Hess vs. Pamela (USA)
1985-Scott vs. Pamela vs. Lisa (GSN)
1985-Scott vs. Suzanne vs. Bob (GSN)
1985-Pam vs. Sam vs. Jerry; The "Sylvester" ep. (USA)
1985-Terri vs. Jeff vs. Tracy; Tracy retires with over $57K!! (GSN)
1985-Kirk vs. Jonie vs. Joanie (GSN)
1985-Jonie vs. Dave vs. Denise (GSN)
1985-Jonie vs. Lance vs. Cynthia (GSN)
1985-Rich vs. Jennie vs. Lance (GSN)
1985-Bob vs. Victor vs. Romey (GSN)
1985-Johnny vs. Jennifer vs. Bob (GSN)
1985-Mike vs. Karyl vs. Lynn (GSN)
1985-Show w/ The Sweepstakes Spin (USA)
1986-Erica vs. Rich vs. Joan; $19,172 win (w/ a CAR)!! (USA)
1986-Dorothy vs. Wayne vs. Joe; The infamous 0-0-0 tie show!! (USA)
1986-Bruce vs. Jo vs. Paige (USA)
1986-Scott vs. Paige vs. Jacques; The "N" in Paige's position falls off!! (OB W/OC)
1986-Kate vs. Robert vs. Bob (USA)
1986-Llewellyn vs. Dave vs. Joe (OB w/OC) (-)
1986-Debbie vs. Craig vs. Andie (OB w/OC)
1986-Andy vs. Karen vs. Bill; Final show (OB)

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