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Hello everybody!!! I have a new home for my game show collection site here at Tripod and I hope you all like the new look of it.

Here you will see the collection of all the great game shows in my collection that may interest you.

Most of the shows here in my collection are original broadcasts or studio masters as well as a number of shows recorded off GSN between 1998-2009. Most of the shows also have original commercials. I do have GSN on my Dish Network satellite system, but I cannot record or make a trade off anything from GSN from May 2009 to present due to reasons I just cannot explain.
Most of the shows from my collection are on VHS tapes and a number of DVD's as well. Most shows rate from good to bad video quality. The same rate for audio as well. There may be some shows that I might not be able to put on DVD. If you see a (+) next to a show, That means it has color fluctuation. If you see this symbol (-), That means I can't put this show on DVD to the video quality.
Please make sure we trade equally (3 Hours for 3 Hours, 6 Hours for 6 Hours, etc.). You know what I mean. It doesn't matter which brand of VHS tapes or DVD's you use as long as all the shows play good. No Money for any of my shows, period.
I'll always be available to trade. If I'm not available, I'll let you know.
Game Show Network (1994-2003)= (Game)
GSN (2004-Present)= (GSN)
Original Broadcast= (OB)
Studio Master= (SM)
USA Network= (USA)
The Family Channel= (FAM)
PAX Network (1998-2007?)= (PAX)
Nickelodeon= (Nick)
Nick GAS= (GAS)
Comedy Central= (Comedy)
MTV= (MTV) (What else?)
The Nasville Network (TNN) (Before 1998)

7/14/2012: Ladies and Gentlemen. As of right now, I can't accept anymore trade offers due to a financial situation that I hope I'll work out very soon. I still love game shows. I'll still watch shows uploaded on YouTube and some on GSN (Although that network has since gone to crap). So once again, Please no more trade offers. Trading is suspended indefinitely . I hope I'll return to trading very soon. If not, Maybe next year. Pray for me as I hope to make it through this time. Thank You.

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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.